• 经纪人:巴卡去西汉姆联?言之尚早

    Bites, stings, burns, embedded spines, etc.

  • 盘点足坛网坛一家亲:纳豆钟爱肥罗 小猪恋伊万

    "It must have been the aftermath of the vision, that's all,' said Sirius. 'You were still thinking of the dream or whatever it was and - '

  • 绿军主帅:我的队员们都是斗士

    Harry knew Dumbledore was referring to the clock that told, not the time, but the whereabouts and conditions of the various Weasley family members, and with a pang he thought that Mr Weasley's hand must, even now, be pointing at mortal peril. But it was very late. Mrs Weasley was probably asleep, not watching the clock. Harry felt cold as he remembered Mrs Weasley's Boggart turning into Mr Weasley's lifeless body, his glasses askew, blood running down his face . . . but Mr Weasley wasn't going to die . . . he couldn't . . .

  • 科尔谈库里第三节爆发:那就是他做的事情

    'Go on, Harry, take it! You saved Dad's life. If anyone's got the right to eavesdrop on him, it's you.'

  • 热议刘永灼下课:小船说翻就翻,或许会回来

    The subjects of the portraits lining the room were no longer pretending to be asleep; they were shifting around in their frames, the better to watch what was happening. When the clever-looking wizard continued to feign sleep, some of them shouted his name, too.

  • 瓦拉内:错过欧洲杯令人无比失望

    That's enough,' said Mrs Weasley crossly. 'Mad-Eye and Tonks are outside, Arthur, they want to come and see you. And you lot can wait outside,' she added to her children and Harry. 'You can come and say goodbye afterwards. Go on.'

  • 火箭湖人马刺勇士等多队有意阿杜

    Dumbledore was now rummaging in a cupboard behind Harry and Ron. He emerged from it carrying a blackened old kettle, which he placed carefully on his desk. He raised his wand and murmured, 'Portus!' For a moment the kettle trembled, glowing with an odd blue light; then it quivered to rest, as solidly black as ever.