• 北京女篮外援:希望下赛季留队

    It may be that you are afraid to sever ties with Potter - I know that he can be unbalanced and, for all I know, violent - but if you have any worries about this, or have spotted anything else in Potter's behaviour that is troubling you, I urge you to speak to Dolores Umbridge, a truly delightful woman who I know will be only too happy to advise you.

  • 唐纳鲁马:想在米兰再踢十年

    'No,' said Hermione at once. 'Have you?'

  • 孙可:感谢高指导关注中甲,希望能为国出战

    She was humming and smiling to herself when they entered the room. Harry and Ron told Hermione, who had been in Arithmancy, exactly what had happened in Divination while they all took out their copies of Defensive Magical Theory, but before Hermione could ask any questions Professor Umbridge had called them all to order and silence fell.

  • 孟达深情献唱《遥远的她》追忆亡母

    'It is this last function that the Ministry has now formalised with the passing of Educational Decree Number Twenty-three, which creates the new position of Hogwarts High Inquisitor.

  • 勇士昨日比赛最后2分钟2次漏判

    'Are you telling me,' she said, lowering her voice so that the group of curious Ravenclaws behind them could not hear, that after the warning I gave you last Monday you lost your temper in Professor Umbridge's class again?'

  • 埃帅:南特要买武磊我不知情,希望他能留队

    'What for?' said Harry angrily.

  • 卢比奥:下个赛季对我来说很重要

    'Hem, hem,' said Professor Umbridge, employing the same silly little cough she had used to interrupt Dumbledore on the first night of term. Professor McGonagall ignored her. Seamus handed back Harry's essay; Harry took it without looking at him and saw, to his relief, that he had managed an 'A'.