• 亨利:穆里尼奥将开启曼联新纪元

    'It appears that the Dark Lord has bee a unaware of the connection between you and himself until very recently. Up till now it seems that you have been experiencing his emotions, and sharing his thoughts, without his being any the wiser. However, the vision you had shortly before Christmas - '

  • 中职联:CBA不属于国有资产

    'I . . . dunno . . .' Harry gasped, sitting up again. 'He's really happy . . . really happy . . .'

  • 乐福称自己打得不够激情:下一场会搞定

    'You have no subtlety, Potter,' said Snape, his dark eyes glit-te'ing. 'You do not understand fine distinctions. It is one of the shortcomings that makes you such a lamentable potion-maker.'

  • 伊沃世界波一击致命,建业1-0战胜绿城

    The Ministry of Magic announced late last night that there has been a mass breakout from Azkaban.

  • 体育十三五规划:篮球亚洲领先

    He had been dreaming about a windowless corridor ending in a locked door for months, without once realising that it was a real place. Now, seeing the memory again, he knew that all along he had been dreaming about the corridor down which he had run with Mr Weasley on the twelfth of August as they hurried to the courtrooms in the Ministry; it was the corridor leading to the Department of Mysteries and Mr Weasley had been there the night that he had been attacked by Voldemort's snake.

  • 公羊外接手贝利仍在从头部枪伤中恢复 希望复出

    Snape paused for a moment, apparently to savour the pleasure of insulting Harry, before continuing.

  • 一图流:比赛太激烈!孙祥裤子都穿反了

    He glanced up at the staff table. It was a different story there: Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were deep in conversation, both looking extremely grave. Professor Sprout had the Prophet propped against a bottle of ketchup and was reading the front page with such concentration that she was not noticing the gentle drip o egg yolk falling into her lap from her stationary spoon. Meanwhile, at the far end of the table, Professor Umbridge was tucking into a bowl of porridge. For once her pouchy toad's eyes were not sweeping the Great Hall looking for misbehaving students. She scowled as she gulped down her food and every now and then she shot a malevolent glance up the table to where Dumbledore and McGonagall were talking so intently.