• 维尔马伦:本赛季对我来说有点失望

    'Were you?' said Professor McGonagall haughtily. 'Well, Potter,' she continued, as though there had been no interruption, if you are serious in this ambition, I would advise you to concentrate hard on bringing your Transfiguration and Potions up to scratch. I see Professor Flitwick has graded you between "Acceptable" and "Exceeds Expectations" for the last two years, so your Charmwork seems satisfactory. As for Defence Against the Dark Arts, your marks have been generally high, Professor Lupin in particular thought you - are you quite sure you wouldn't like a cough drop, Dolores?'

  • 王永珀力挺塔尔德利:没他鲁能走不到今天

    'Oh, hi,' said Harry, pulling his books towards him. 'How come you're not at practice?'

  • 澳超官网:亚冠成功是曼诺保住帅位唯一机会

    'Yeah, well, I don't blame you!' said Ron angrily, setting down his revision timetable. 'If it hadn't been for her . . .'

  • 约基奇:今夏要努力提高个人防守

    Behind him, the Impediment Jinx was wearing off. Snape was beginning to inch towards his fallen wand, spitting out soapsuds as he crawled.

  • 科尔:库里应该能出战第四场比赛

    'Easy,' said George.

  • 科普苏宁新帅唐京:曾是江苏足球代表人物

    'Oh, no, thank you very much,' said Umbridge, with that simpering laugh Harry hated so much. 'I just wondered whether I could make the teensiest interruption, Minerva?'

  • 科里森:我们需要杜兰特回来

    The silvery stuff within began to swirl very fast. Harry leaned forwards over it and saw that it had become transparent. He was, once again, looking down into a room as though through a circular window in the ceiling . . . in fact, unless he was much mistaken, he was looking down into the Great Hall.