• 段江鹏:加盟北京不为钱为荣誉

    'It looks like he and Trelawney are both going to teach,' said Ginny.

  • 沃尔现身骑士主场观战东区半决赛

    That might, indeed, have been the more practical course,' said Dumbledore, 'except that Voldemort's information about the prophecy was incomplete. The Hog's Head inn, which Sybill chose for its cheapness, has long attracted, shall we say, a more interesting clientele than the Three Broomsticks. As you and your friends found out to your cost, and I to mine that night, it is a place where it is never safe to assume you are not being overheard. Of course, I had not dreamed, when I set out to meet Sybill Trelawney, that I would hear anything worth overhearing. My - our - one stroke of good fortune was that the eavesdropper was detected only a short way into the prophecy and thrown from the building.'

  • 朱荣震9分,国青轻取克罗地亚

    Malfoy's hand flew towards his wand, but Harry was too quick for him; he had drawn his own wand before Malfoy's fingers had even entered the pocket of his robes.

  • 杰森-皮埃尔保罗透露今年7月4日计划

    'Yes,' said Neville, 'everything's settled right back to normal.'

  • 步行者将升任麦克米兰为球队主帅

    Harry was holding the door open for him, but he drifted through the wall instead.

  • 杜锋:球队不会轻易换回拜纳姆

    A most peculiar expression stole over Nearly Headless Nick's face as he inserted a finger in the stiff ruff at his neck and tugged it a little straighter, apparently to give himself thinking time. He desisted only when his partially severed neck seemed about to give way completely.

  • 比尔与截锋科迪-格伦完成5年合同

    'Sirius Black,' said Nick.